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5L Multifunctional Silver Crest 900W Rice Cooker, With 10 Cooking Function & Big Digital Display

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About This Item
Extra thick inner pot with non-stick ceramic coating for better, more even cooking. Lightweight and easy to store
Automatically adjusts cooking time to the amount of ingredients you add. Built-in protection against overheating
Great for preparing hearty breakfasts, soups, stews, jambalaya, chili and so much more!
Precision heat, non-pressure cooking, and one-touch simplicity make cooking your family’s favorite rice and grains super-fast and one-touch easy.
Automatic Warming System, Easy Operate, Digital Display, 24 hour preset timer, Multiple menu options. Methods of use
Use the appropriate amount amount of rice in the cup, wash the rice in other containers and pour it into it. Inner pot. Do not wash the rice directly in he inner pan ,so that the surface of he inner pot is not sticky the coating is damaged.
Add an appropriate amount of water to the inner pot. For example ,when cooking 4 cups of rice , add water to the position where the water level scale in the inner pot is “4”。 Note: Water level in inner pot The scale is a standard amount of water that can be adjusted according to individual tastes.
Dry the water outside the inner pot and place it in the pot to make the rice level evenly. Place on the bottom of the inner pot . then gently rotate the inner pot to make the inside the bottom of the pot is in full contact with the electric hot plate
First put the top cover down slowly , and the press the top cover to hear the "click" sound , indicating that the top cover has been covered. as the fruit pot cover is not covered well, the effect of cooking will be affected.
Switch on the power ,press the "function" button ,repeatedly press this button to repeatedly select their own "porridge/soup","steamed","stewed“,“cake","porridge"function, after selecting the required function ,press the "start"key ,Four-bit digital second flash ,this function into the automatic program, if you need to Re-select, press "nutrient insulation ,cancel"key ,cancel the ongoing

Color : Black 
Capacity : 5L
Power : 900W
Voltage : 220V
Size : 35cm x 25CM x 23CM
Material : Aluminum alloy interior
Power Type : Electric
Shell Material : Plastic
Inner pot : Non-stick Painting Aluminum Inner Pot
Note : 5L means the capacity of the inner pot, not the graduation on it. Mostly, if the graduation 
on the inner pot is 1.8L(that is water level mark), means the capacity of inner pot is 5L


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